May 25th 2021  

"Parents experience home as a place
never-ending burden"
The state is leaving families alone in the pandemic, says scientist Mariam Tazi-Preve. However, the small family model was already obsolete before Corona...
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"Your interview was received with a storm of enthusiasm by our readers, it was the most read text on the site in the past 24 hours and was praised and discussed controversially in the editorial office.."




- Feedback from the ZEIT ONLINE editorial team from May 27, 2021

“Neither adults nor children are happy in it”




Since the lecture in Bregenz was canceled for the time being at the beginning of April, there is now an interview on the subject of the lecture


- "The failure of the nuclear family?" -


The interview is available for download as a PDF here:

Neue Vorarlberger Tageszeitung
Interview on the topic of:
„The failure of the nuclear family?“ (German)
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December 13, 2018


Interview in the December issue of EMMA on the subject. No life with the small family



Is the nuclear family the source of all evil?

(laughs) Well, maybe more: a lot of evil. The

Family is one of the cornerstones of patriarchy,

alongside politics, business and religion.

Had women had the power of definition, they would

Families look very different today.

But they didn't.


EMMA December 2018 (Excerpt)
Interview on the topic: No Life with the small family (pages 44 - 47)
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January 10th / 2019


Mariam Irene Tazi-Preve on fathers who have separated and lose their relationship with their children, methods of separation and insults that can be carried over generations.


The full interview is up and in the printed version of "Profil 02/19

September 19 /2018


Interview on :

Towards a New Family Unit?


Although the traditional nuclear family is culturally dominant in literature, film and advertising, new family compositions are becoming more common. A debate on family values and the value of the family.


 27 Min.


May 7th 2018


The interview "People in conversation" is now available for download.

People in conversation - Interview "Radio Wien"
Interview from 5/7/2017
MIG Tazi-Preve mit Verpackung.MP3
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You can find this Interview here as well::


Birgit Neges - Facebook

Official Website of Birgit Neges

4th of April 2018


family work


In our society, family work is still mainly done by women. If you wanted to do all these activities commercially, you would need umpteen qualifications. But family work takes place in an invisible area, where there is no appreciation, no payment or social recognition. Hardly anything has changed in this regard over the centuries. Since women are still gainfully employed today, the women are doubly burdened and often completely overwhelmed.


Why is our society doing this to women? Who benefits from this model, who earns from it?

Podcast to listen to: Family work - the changing world of work


Complete radio interview WDR5

LIVE interview

March 6th, 2018 on WDR5


“Curiosity is enough”

The end of the small family - Mariam Irene Tazi-Preve WDR 5 curiosity is enough - speech time | 06th of March  2018 | 30:26 mins



Father-mother-child - the ideal small family enjoys great popularity over the long term. Almost without exception, young people strive for it. But does the family really live up to the high expectations placed on them?


Guest: Mariam Irene Tazi-Preve

Moderator: Ralph Erdenberger


25th of January 2018


Interview in the Stuttgart newspaper


The Austrian Mariam Irene Tazi-Preve has been concerned with the social developments of the family for a long time. In her opinion, the traditional nuclear family no longer has a future in today's everyday life.


You can find the interview here: Stuttgarter Zeitung

January 30th 2018


"Ms. Tazi-Preve, what made you decide to write this book?"


Mariam Tazi-Preve: "I've been asked that in many interviews. Most of my readers have understood the content very well and in numerous responses I have been told, for example, that I "finally do justice to the mothers" and generally say exactly "where the rub is".".


For the full interview:

October 24th 2017


Why isn't it really moving forward with equality? And are decisions about women's withdrawal into the private sphere after childbirth really purely private, personal decisions?


 Here is a link to the full interview:

August 28th 2017


Ms. Tazi-Preve, why are mothers so exhausted today?


Today's mother image drives women to exhaustion, says the Austrian political scientist Mariam Irene Tazi-Preve. The supposed ideal of the small family is to blame.


Interview: Claudia Landolt


The full interview can be found at this link: Fritz und Fränzi

May 23rd 2017


On the publication of my new book The Failure of the Nuclear Family. Capitalism, love and the state, there was also an interview for the award for author of the month, which you can find on Der Budrich Blog.


May 13th 2017


In the "Standard" appeared on 13.5. my interview for Mother's Day


STANDARD: In your new book you write that the nuclear family has failed. Why do you think that?


Miriam Irene Tazi-Preve: My central thesis is that the nuclear family is wrong. This is mainly due to two things: that the lifelong romantic relationship does not work and that it takes a lot more than two people to raise children safely. There is no such thing as eternal love, just think of the separation and divorce numbers... 


The full interview can be found in the print version of STANDARD from May 13, 2017 and under the following link on the newspaper’s website: Mariam Tazi-Preve, the interview 



More about this topic in my new book: The Failure of the Nuclear Family. Capitalism, Love and the State

April 29th 2017 (Update May 6th 2017)


My interview with Judith Wittwer for the swiss TagesAnzeiger quickly became one of the most read articles in the national daily newspaper.


For those who haven't read the interview yet, here is a small excerpt and a link to the newspaper's website.


Today more than ever, young couples dream of family happiness. But you are writing a book about the failure of the nuclear family. How does that fit together?


Starting a family of your own is actually high on the wish list for boys. We are experiencing a re-familiarization. The more insecure the world in which we live and work, the greater the longing for a stable place of retreat. But the family idyll is only supposed. It leaves behind failed marriages, abandoned mothers, insecure fathers and sad children.


Why does belief in the family remain intact despite high divorce rates?


Because young people are being led to believe that the nuclear family is the desirable ideal of a private lifestyle. A good job, a functioning family life...


You can find the full interview on the website Tagesanzeiger



  • swiss magazine for parents Fritz und Fränzi - Interview on the topic: How are children and work compatible? (2.November 2016)
  • Interview Ö1 “Unwanted Pregnancies” (Austrian National Broadcast) (airdate: October 13, 2016)
AudioFile 10/13/2016
MP3 Audio Datei 19.8 MB

  • Interview with Sybille Stillhart for her book „Müde Mütter – Fitte Väter. Warum Frauen immer mehr arbeiten und es trotzdem nirgendwohin bringen“ („Tired Mothers – Fit Fathers“ ). 2015.  > Link
  • Film Trailer 10 years Matriarchal Conferences 2003-2014 > DropBox-Link
  • Interview for the Austrian Studies Newsmagazine (Center for Austrian Studies, University of Minnesota). Gender and the Welfare State, Vol.24, No.2, Fall 2012, page 16-18, 31 > Link
  • Interview for the online journal “Mütter haben überhaupt keine Lobby“. (Women do not have any lobby)  > Link (airdate: July 26 2012)
  • Interview at the National Conference. The Association for the Study of Women and Mythology. San Francisco, May 11, 2012 > Link
  • Guest Appearance Radio Ö1 Vienna (Austrian First Chanel) on Daycare and Motherhood (airdate: July 19, 2011)
  • Guest Appearance Radio FM4 Vienna, Life Discussion on Indroducing Laws against the Gender Wage Gap (airdate: October 7, 2010)
  • Guest Appearance Radio Ö1 Vienna (Austrian First Channel), show in four parts on Fatherhood (airdates: June 8 to 10, 2009)
Radio Ö1 Vienna 2009
Part 1
track 01.mp3
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Radio Ö1 Vienna 2009
Part 2
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Radio Ö1 Vienna 2009
Part 3
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Radio Ö1 Vienna 2009
Part 4
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