Mariam Irene Tazi-Preve


I was born in Innsbruck have an adult son and am living in the USA and Austria. I have a background in Political Science, Women’s Studies and Romanistics (Italian)from the University of Innsbruck and hold a PhD in Political Science from there.

My scientific work and classes in Vienna (1993 – 2013) were carried out at the Austrian Academy of Sciences, the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute and the University of Vienna. During the academic year 2011/2012 I held the Marshall Plan Chair at the University of New Orleans. Before that my international research experiences included visits at the City University of London (2002), the Australian National University in Canberra (2005), and the Universitat Pampeu Fabra in Barcelona (2010).

Since 2011 I am teaching at the MCI, Innsbruck and as Adjunct Professor at the University of New Orleans.

As (co)author and editor I published seven books. Among those are: Familienpolitik – nationale und internationale Perspektiven (Family Policies – National and International Perspectives) (2009), Väter im Abseits (Fathers Aside) (2007), and Mutterschaft im Patriarchat (Motherhood in Patriarchy) (2004). A grant by the Vaughan Foundation allowed me to present my 2013 in English published book Motherhood in Patriarchy at universities and conferences in the US and Canada.

I published numerous articles and give lectures in Europe and North America. I am also cofounder of the online Journal Boomerang. Journal of Critique on Patriarchy.

My scientific focus is: Politics and Reproduction, Motherhood, Fatherhood, Family and Population Policies, Gender and Political Theory and Women in Islam.

Currently I am working on a new book on the nuclear family from a patriarchal critical view. Under contract by Budrich Publishers it is forthcoming in spring 2017.