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Towards a New Family Unit?


Although the traditional nuclear family is culturally dominant in literature, film and advertising, new family compositions are becoming more common. A debate on family values and the value of the family.


 27 Min.

Available on Arte.TV from 13/09/2018 bis 29/07/2019


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  • Interview Ö1 “Unwanted Pregnancies” (Austrian National Broadcast) (airdate: October 13, 2016)
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  • Interview with Sybille Stillhart for her book „Müde Mütter – Fitte Väter. Warum Frauen immer mehr arbeiten und es trotzdem nirgendwohin bringen“ („Tired Mothers – Fit Fathers“ ). 2015.  > Link
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  • Guest Appearance Radio Ö1 Vienna (Austrian First Channel), show in four parts on Fatherhood (airdates: June 8 to 10, 2009)
Radio Ö1 Vienna 2009
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Radio Ö1 Vienna 2009
Part 2
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Radio Ö1 Vienna 2009
Part 3
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Radio Ö1 Vienna 2009
Part 4
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