New Book - 2nd Edition (with new cover)

The Failure of the Nuclear Family. Capitalism, Love and the State

available in German since 2017

forthcoming in English in 2020


Mariam Irene Tazi-Preve starts by describing the distress caused by the nuclear family and asks: Can the romantic couple really be the basis of a whole societal order? The book’s concern is it to show the historical and ideological causes of the nuclear family’s dilemma instead of searching for an individual failure. The author picks up all the relevant topics in a competent manner: the motherhood drama, the recent debate on reconciliation of job and family, and the new father debate. She analyses politics and its interest in the “smallest cell of state” and she shows how the economic system uses the nuclear family as its basis and brings it simultaneously at the brink of collapse. The conclusions from these discrepancies lead towards the illustration of alternative family forms which other societies are living in. 


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“…your (new) book is more exciting than a thriller. (…) it is not only interesting but also concerns me. And opens my eyes.” Sibylle Stillhart, Journalist and author




... On the 21st of January, one day after the inauguration of the US president, I was at the Million Women's March in Washington DC.  With approximately 500,000 participants (three times more than on the day of the inauguration) – nearly all women—at an estimated 3 to 4 million more in the whole country it was the largest demonstration ever held in the USA. From the perspective of an Austrian, who has been living in the USA for five years, I would like to describe the event and then analyze what it means for feminism generally ...




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Women´s March 2017
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